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"Hello Mr. Wolfberg, your note that you reduced my Lewisboro, NY 4 point speeding ticket to a parking ticket was Well received and will send payment to the court tomorrow. Many thanks for your assistance and expedited service! Best regards." Darren T. Jackson Heights, NY

"Mr. Wolfberg, Thank you for your professional and helpful service in dealing with my traffic citation. I was looking at 4 points on my driver’s license froma ticket in Lewiston (Niagara County, New York) and as a result, much higher insurance premiums. You were able to negotiate my speeding violation down to a parking ticket with no points assessed to my driver’s license! Once again, thank you very much. I’ll be recommending you to my friends and relatives. Sincerely," Gil P., Youngstown, New York 

"Dear Mr. Wolfberg;  I have just received the case results from my Kent Town Court 6 Point speeding ticket, and I could not be more pleased with the results!! Considering the fact that i was a facing a 69/45 speeding ticket with at least 6 points on my license and the hefty surcharges that come along with it, I could never have imagined that you would be able to have this speeding ticket reduced to a no point parking fine!! Nobody that i have told about this can believe it. Thanks again for your services. I really appreciate all that you have done on my behalf." James. P., Rye, New York
"This is great news indeed! (that you got my imprudent Speeding ticket in Yonkers City Court dismissed). Your office is the best and has yet to let me down so far. Rest assured I will continue to use your services although be it hopefully less frequently in the future and enthusiastically recommend anyone in need of representation to your firm."  Willie R., Bronx, NY
"I have to admit I was skeptical regarding any results, especially since you can end up paying a large sum of money to an attorney in return for no guarantee.  However, I am extremely pleased with the results whereby my 4 point speeding ticket in Wilton Town Court was reduced to a $100 parking ticket!! Considering I work in insurance and know how much a speeding ticket can adversely impact your driving record and future premiums, I am glad I don't have to face the same fate. Thank you Mr. Wolfberg for proving me wrong, and demonstrating that your services are definitely worth every penny! Thanks," Erin W., Malone, NY
"Was driving with my buddies on a Saturday for some camping over at Roscoe, NY (about 120 miles west of NYC). One of my friends was driving like an a'hole and I had to try and keep up while maintaining the limit. Well, New York State Trooper-dude came out of nowhere and passed me to stop him. When he stopped him, I was then instructed by him to pull up in front of him. Allegedly, I was going faster than my buddy and I got a 6 point speeding ticket in Rockland Town Court. I was BEHIND HIM, but I was going faster than him...riiiight. My buddy got a 4 point speeding ticket. He decided to pay it since he believed the points would not transfer to Jersey (if they do, he'd get 2 points). I did not want any points, especially 6 points in NY and 2 points in Jersey when those points transfer over. I'd have been in danger of never driving through NY again if I ever got pulled over and got more points. Not to mention the Driver Assessment Fee where I'd have to pay $300 ON TOP of my fine. For that, I went on the Internet, shopped around for speeding ticket lawyers, spoke to two before I found Matisyahu. One seemed good, but they were very pricey. They talked a good game, but I didn't like the price. The other, just wanted my money because he really lowballed me. I found, spoke to Matis, liked his no-nonsense way of doing things as well as his whole "I-got-this" demeanor, and I had no problem paying the fee (which was reasonable). He went to court on my behalf, I did not have to show up at all. He worked out a deal with the judge, and I went from 6 points to NO-POINT obstructing traffic! If you need a lawyer for traffic violations, this guy is the truth! It would have sucked to drive 100+ miles each way to go to court, but I did not have to. Thank you Matis! If I ever need you again, I will definitely call."  C.G. -- Bayonne, NJ 

Matisyahu –Holy Moly!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you… for getting my 4 point speeding ticket in Union Town Court dismissed.  I’ve already forwarded your contact info to someone and will mass email your contact info to all my buddies.  Much appreciated – I can now get a good night’s sleep.  - Joan P.,  Yonkers, New York

"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, as a repeat customer, I'd like to say THANK YOU AGAIN! 
This time you managed to get my 4 point speeding ticket in
Cortland City Court, NY dismissed! No fine, no points, nothing! Thank You" Jeff, Massapequa Park, NY
Dear Mr. Wolfberg:I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of the ticket I was issued this past May.  I am pleased that you were able to get the 6 points in Tonawanda Town Court reduced to no points and also a lesser fine. The savings on the surcharges was also a major bonus. I appreciate your efforts with regard to this matter. I'm glad I found your web-site and was encouraged by the testimonials I found there. I was glad to see that you could also assist Canadians with these things. With Gratitude, Jane D.
I received 3 speeding tickets in Tioga County, two in Tioga Town Court and one in Candor Town Court (Tioga County one of the toughest places in NY to get a speeding ticket)  within a one month time frame.  The tickets were  for a 79 in a 55, 60 in a 40 and the last was a 50 in a 30.  I am a 17 year old male and I thought these tickets were going to make it so I would never be able to drive because I would have two many points on my license.  I searched the internet and  I came upon this website and read some of the other testimonials, I couldn't believe it, I thought this is to good to be true, NO lawyer can save my license, my insurance, and my future. Attorney Wolberg did, and he did it big for a very reasonable price.   ALL 3 TICKETS WERE DISMISSED.   I am so greatful that Mr. Wolberg did such a wonderful job for me.  I recommend that everyone use his services.    Thanks again.  Aaron W., Owego, New York.
"ALCON: Yes, I confrim the receipt of this fine notice. I just would like to say - Thank you - a very BIG thank you for getting my 4 point speeding ticket reduced to a no point parking ticket in Ulster Town Court. You did a wonderful job. I will recommend you and your service to my entire Fire Department should they need your services. Great job! Please feel free to print my thank you for your website. Thanks again." Gary S., Eatontown, New Jersey 
"It is September 4, '08 and I just got an email with the amazing results that you were able to achieve for me in getting my ticket in Woodridge Village Court reduced to a Parking (no points) ticket!" Avigdor W., Brooklyn, New York

“I used Mr. Wolfberg to handle my speeding violation for going 82mph in a 55mph in my Z, in Yonkers Traffic Court, NY . He got me out of the violation with NO points, NO charges. And I didn’t even have to call Mr. Wolfberg, I just sent him a couple of emails and that’s it, no need to even show up for court!" Omar R, New York

"Phenomenal result, and many thanks for getting my 4 points speeding ticket in Albany City Court to a no point parking ticket!! We'll FedEx the bank money order to you overnight on Monday, so you can expect to have it in hand by Tuesday, Jan. 13.  We'll e-mail an appreciation testimonial to your office over this weekend. I intend to circulate a private e-mail informing my colleagues and many of my clients of the excellent result obtained by your firm. And with a copy to our family's auto insurance agent David Burger - who I expect could be an excellent referral source. Regards! ~ <finis>"   Jill C., Garden City, NY
"In November 2008 I received a speeding ticket for doing 86 on the New York Thruway. I would have swallowed the cost of the $650 fine (6 points), except for the extra charges that New York tacks on and, especially, for the distinct possibility that my Canadian insurance premiums would skyrocket (NY and Ontario have a reciprocal arrangement whereby details of traffic violations in one jurisdiction are made known to the other). I contacted Matisyahu Wolfberg in the hope that he could reduce the Florida Town Court ticket to a four-pointer, which would have pleased me, or even a two-pointer, which would have pleased me even more. Mr. Wolfberg was able to get the ticket reduced to 'Broken Speedometer' (0 points); I incurred a fine of $130 and no other charges or increased insurance premiums. How about that!? I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Wolfberg's services to anyone receiving a speeding ticket. . . . . . . Happy New Year! And thanks!" Richard M., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Dear Attorney Wolfberg, thank you so much! For getting my 3 Point Speeding ticket ticket in Shandaken Town Court dismissed!"  Moses F., Brooklyn, NY 
"I'm speechless!!  This is the second time you've gotten me out of a tight spot (this time by getting a 4 point work zone speeding ticket in White Plains City Court Dismissed).  Please understand that I'm not a reckless driver taking advantage of your amazing abilities.  I travel over 50,000 miles / year.  Most of my travel is through NY.  With such a high frequency through such a tough state, things happen. Thank you!!" Robert G. Rocky Hill, Connecticut
"Dear Mr. Wolfberg, P.C., This is to confirm receipt of the fine notice relating to case #1T87074MSP, (getting my 4 point speeding ticket reduced to a no point parking ticket in Chestnut Ridge Village Court. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Sincerely," Sheila K., Spring Valley, New York
"I was clocked doing 60mph in a 40mph zone on one of the most notorious roads in the State of New York in Orangetown. The police are always on the lookout for speeding violations there and I used to always pass by at least two traffic stops -- that is until I was the one being pulled over. I was risking 4 points that I could not afford. Atty. Wolfberg took my case and was able to negotiate to have the offense changed to a non-moving violation. Thank you Mr. Wolfberg!"
"Mr. Wolfberg, Here’s my testimonial: I am very pleased with the service that Mr. Wolfberg has provided me. I was facing a 3-point summons in Highlands Town Court for cutting off a state trooper because I forgot to yield when entering a turning circle. My offense was reduced to a mere $100 parking ticket and most importantly no points were put on my license."  Andrew M. Kelvas Putnam Valley, NY
 "I would absolutely recommend Mr. Wolfberg to anyone who is in need of help with a speeding ticket (an 80/50 reduced to a parking ticket in Mt. Vernon City Court. I was facing an expensive ticket with significant points, and Mr. Wolfberg was able to get the ticket completely dismissed. He is highly professional, responsive, efficient, and thorough. I am very thankful someone referred me to him."  Jason T. New York, New York.
"Thank you for an outstanding outcome to my case reducing my speeding ticket in Montgomery Town Court to a parking ticket! My previously clean driving record was about to be marred by a speeding ticket which would have put 3 points on my license and raised my insurance rates significantly. You represented my case flawlessly, needed no involvement from me other than the initial description of the incident and resolved it with a reasonable parking fine and NO POINTS. While I hope I won’t need your services again, I will certainly call you if I do! Jeffrey H.," Irvington, New York
"AMAZING ! What can I say? Mr. Wolfberg is the Real Deal. I managed to get not one but two speeding tickets within a 30 day period while driving in New York in 2008. One was on the Clearview Expressway in Queens TVB (80 in a 50 I think) and the other in Greenburg Town Court, NY (50 in a 30). I did some research on the internet and came across notspeeding .com. Made a call to Mr. Wolfberg and faxed him the tickets. I somehow expected to get some some sort of plea bargain deal with a lower point violation. To my amazement Mr Wolfberg got both tickets dismissed, saving me a bundle in fines and surcharges. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Money well spent. Thank you Mr. Wolfberg"  Eddie R.   New Jersey
Thank you for your representation. I am happy to recommend your services to friends and to those who find you through  You were able to negotiate the reduction of a 4 point citation for speeding (71 mph in a 55 mph zone) in Tuxedo, New York to a $115 parking ticket. Best of all, you took care of everything without the need to appear and take time off from work. Thanks again," Jason W, New York, New York
"Good evening Attorney Wolfberg, Yes, I am indeed in receipt of your message with regard to the disposition of my case as well as the fine notice.  (reducing a 4 point speeding ticket to a no point parking ticket) in Milan Town Court. To say that I am completely satisfied would be an understatement. I am in fact totally elated! Thank you ever so much for your efforts on my part. I have already told my family and friends what you have done for me and will most definitely refer others to you in the future. I have sent you a testimonial. Once again, a heartfelt "Thank You!" I wish you and your family all the best for the holiday season and the coming year! Warmest regards," Richard J. M.

"When I first ran across Mr. Wolfberg's services online at, I was very skeptical. What's that old saying about "if something sounds too good to be true..."? But he totally delivered. He got my 4 point speeding ticket (obtained while passing thru a small NY state town Pittstown Town Court -- a total speed trap) COMPLETELY DISMISSED. No points, no fine, nothing! Considering what it might have cost me in fines (the town reserved the right to assess at will -- no set fine schedule) and added insurance costs from the points, Mr. Wolfberg's fee was totally worth every penny and then some. And the process couldn't have been easier. Sent him a scan of my traffic ticket, filled out a form or two, and let him go to work. I highly recommend his services."  J. Jackson, New Jersey

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